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      Shuanghu Production Base, Daxin Town,
      Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China

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    Perfect service, high quality, dedication and perfection

    As the company's capacity continues to expand, like-minded friends are welcome to join Shuanghu, work together to start a business and develop together.
    1. Mechanical Drawing: (1) Graduated from Mechanical College or above, with experience in mechanical drawing. Those who have engaged in rubber conveyor are preferred, and their treatment is negotiable;
    2. Sales Manager: (1) No limit for men and women, college degree or above, able to independently complete the department's annual and quarterly target planning, management and training of the Department team, and be able to adapt to short-term travel; salary negotiation;
    3. Sales elite: 10 & nbsp; < br /> Requirements: Men and women are not limited, college or above education level, love the sales industry, have self-confidence, strong work pressure resistance, good professional ethics, strong communication skills, good pioneering ability. Receiving fresh graduates.
    Salary treatment: irresponsible base salary + monthly performance appraisal + sales commission.
    The training practice period is January and the probation period is March. After being qualified, their positions should be determined: domestic marketing, international trade, sales logistics.
    4. Production Technicians: High salary candidates for mixing, calendering, forming, vulcanization and machining. The inexperienced can be trained. Workers who have been engaged in rubber products are preferred. Requirements: love work, integrity, no bad habits, obey business management.