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    Gap between China's Rubber Conveyor Belt and Foreign Countries
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:17:23   Author:雙虎   Clicks:747

      1. The technical level of process equipment and production is not high, and the product grade is low. The production technology of PVC rubber conveyor belts in domestic enterprises is relatively mature, but the production technology level of PVG rubber conveyor belts is still low. Firstly, the production process is relatively backward and complex, energy consumption is high, production efficiency is low, and the strength of belt decreases seriously after secondary plasticization. The most advanced production technology abroad is the extruder veneer forming process, which eliminates the traditional production process such as rubber mixing, forming, plate vulcanization and so on. It realizes the continuous production from core immersion, plasticization, covering glue bonding, vulcanization, and greatly improves the production efficiency. At present, the highest strength grade PVC and PVG rubber conveyor belts produced in our country are 2500N/mm and the maximum width is 2000 mm, while the Whole-core fabric rubber conveyor belts with strength of 4000N/mm and width of more than 3500mm can be produced abroad.
    2. Load bearing capacity is poor and service life is short. The bearing capacity and service life of PVC and PVG rubber conveyor belts in China are mostly less than those in developed countries. Taking the 1000S rubber conveyor belt with the largest consumption as an example, the service life of domestic rubber belt is generally not more than 2 years, and the cumulative coal transportation volume is not more than 2 million tons. The service life of foreign similar products can exceed 4 years, and the cumulative coal transportation volume is more than 6 million tons. ?

    Nbsp; 3. lack of core technology and poor ability of independent innovation. Most of the manufacturers of PVC and PVG Whole-core rubber conveyor belts in China are small and medium-sized enterprises. Apart from foreign capital and joint ventures, only a few large-scale tape enterprises have national or provincial technology centers, special research and development teams, relatively perfect experimental equipment and testing instruments, and have certain innovative capabilities. Most of the foreign manufacturers of PVC and PVG rubber conveyor belts are world-renowned large enterprises, with strong core technology and independent innovation ability, creating products while manufacturing products, while the vast majority of domestic enterprises only manufacture products without creating products.