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    Other Measures and Methods to Improve the Service Life of Conveyor Belt Joints
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:20:16   Author:雙虎   Clicks:873

    We have already talked about some measures and methods to improve the service life of the joint of conveyor belt. Today, we will give a further explanation on this issue so as to make the conveyor belt serve us better in future work.

    1. Method of reducing seam gap of glue joint in working face

          A conveyor belt peeling to prevent the widening of the gap in the adhesive layer < br />.
    The length of each stratum in the middle of stripping head of conveyor belt is slightly shortened by 1 mm in order to prevent the gap widening in the seam of upper glue layer from occurring after the error of this part of length in stripping.

          step fit check of B joint < br />.

          coating matters needing attention < br />.
                first clean the adhesive surface with a brush, and then coat it at least twice, each time with a thin layer, but no leakage. After drying out, you can apply the glue next time. The glue must be dried thoroughly, otherwise air bubbles will be generated, which will lead to the decline of adhesion performance.

          & 2. Covering joint gap with advanced cold patch < br />.
              Belzona cold patching adhesive and strengthening ribbon can be used to cover the joint gap of the conveyor belt, thus completely avoiding water and sand entering the joint gap, and better improving the service life of the belt joint. I suggest that the joint gap should not be covered by hot patching. Because the hot patching method can reach a temperature of more than 145 degrees, it is extremely disadvantageous to the conveyor belt joints which are bonded with cold viscose.

      finally, we welcome you to purchase all kinds of high-quality conveyor belt products produced by Qingdao Shuanghu. < br />.