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    Gap and Prospect of Light Conveyor Belt Development in China
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:20:45   Author:雙虎   Clicks:855

    With the deep development of reform and opening up in China, the domestic light conveyor belt industry has made considerable progress, and the quality of some light conveyor belts has been equal to that of similar products abroad. However, in terms of overall scale and technical level, there are still some gaps compared with well-known brands in developed countries, mainly as follows: < br />.
    The proportion of the total output of A to the output of conveyor belts is small, and the varieties and specifications are small. Many special purpose belts have to rely on imports, such as conveyor belts for marble processing and so on. At present, the domestic production of light conveyor bandwidth does not exceed 4 m, while foreign production of products with a width of about 6 m;

    The R&D of various new functional materials can not keep pace with the development of the international market. Many tape manufacturers are at a loss as to whether many chemical materials can continue to be used or find alternatives with similar performance.

    Overall, the product grade of C is lower than that of foreign products, and its service life is shorter, some of them are only one-half or even one-third of that of foreign products;

    D process production equipment and testing means are relatively backward, and simulation dynamic performance testing means are almost blank;

    E products are mainly sold at home, and export volume is small, so they can not occupy a certain share in the international market.

    The Eleventh Five-Year Plan of China's Belt Industry puts forward that during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, China should attach importance to the development of light conveyor belts. In order to promote the development of production technology of light conveyor belts in China, domestic enterprises should aim at the development trend of international light conveyor belts and improve their processing level and innovation ability. Efforts to achieve:

    1)   popularization and application of new technology < br />.
    Advanced production technology is adopted to solve the key technical problems affecting product structure adjustment and quality in the production process, and to continue to improve the mechanization and automation level of production equipment.

    2)   Promoting scientific research and development and technological innovation < br />.
    Aiming at the international advanced technology level, developing new technologies and new products, such as the application of aramid skeleton in light conveyor belts, the development of high temperature resistant and high wear resistant coatings, the development of various pattern coatings belts, the study of improving the bonding strength between coatings and skeleton coatings, and the improvement of the service life of light conveyor belts, etc.

    3)   vigorously develop and apply related raw materials < br />.
    Increase the development and correct application of related raw materials, especially those in accordance with REACE regulations, to meet the development requirements of new products, new technologies and new processes of light conveyor belts. Many raw and auxiliary materials used in light conveyor belts, skeleton materials belong to the new material fields supported by the state, such as new thermoplastic materials, high strength and low extension skeleton, domesticated substitution of auxiliaries, excellent joint adhesives and so on.

    4)   accelerate the development of national brand products and actively explore the international and domestic markets < br />.
    Faced with market challenges, we should give full play to the regional and price advantages of leading enterprises in national brands, promote the technological progress of light conveyor belts of other domestic enterprises, improve the competitiveness of products at home and abroad, and actively explore the international and domestic markets. Finally, we welcome you to purchase all kinds of high quality conveyor belt products produced by Qingdao Shuanghu Conveyor Belt.