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    Implementing Ability Training into Double Tigers
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:21:41   Author:雙虎   Clicks:890

     On the afternoon of December 12, the execution training of Qingdao Shuanghu Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. was held in the company conference room. More than 30 managers participated in the training. The training is personally conducted by the general manager of the company.
              at 2:00 p.m., the trainees were seated neatly. After the brief and warm opening of the host, Ms. Liu Jie, the lecturer of this training, took the stage to speak in warm applause.
        this training mainly explains the theme of enterprise execution. There are five articles. The first is responsible thinking. Its iron law is: I am the root of everything. The second is results thinking. Let employees understand that tasks are not equal to results, efforts are not equal to results, giving is not equal to results, and hard work is not equal to results. It's about taking 100% responsibility for implementation and getting results. The third is wolf thinking. It tells us that a set of reasonable elimination and promotion mechanism must be established within the enterprise. Article 4 is the management concept of high standards and strict requirements. Through Haier's freezer smashing, we can tell that if enterprises want to be the first in the industry, they must first pull the standard to the first. The most valuable performance is the performance produced under the strict management of high standards. The last one is gratitude. Everyone of us should learn to be grateful. Teacher Liu used a large number of practical cases to assist in illustration. She also used vivid video clips, classroom games and other forms to enhance the persuasiveness of the case. There were occasional heartfelt laughter and warm applause on the venue. More often, it was the students who listened and thought quietly.
      5 p.m., the course is over. The participants stood up and applauded. They sincerely paid tribute to the elaborate preparation and hard work of the lecturer. President Han also thanked the participants for their support and the efforts of the staff. After this "executive training" course, the company will carry out the implementation as a long-term work content.

      finally, we welcome you to purchase high-quality conveyor belts and conveyor products produced by Qingdao Shuanghu.

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