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    Causes and Countermeasures of transmission belt failure
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:06:50   Author:雙虎   Clicks:689

    (1) the cause of fragility-nbsp; < br /> 1. The material of belt is not tough enough, slight trauma is easy to break, choose the material with better toughness.
    2. Speed and speed of displacement cause belt to bear more force, so speed and speed of displacement should be adjusted properly. ?
    3. The Belt should be replaced regularly in a planned way when the material used for a long time is aging. ?
    4. If the belt is too long or too short (heavy load), check and stop the machine regularly as possible. ?
    (2) the reason of easy falling off-nbsp; < br /> 1. The belt is too long and the length of the two belts is different. ?
    2. The tension spring on the tension wheel is not enough. ?
    3. The belt is subjected to downward force when the large belt guide wheel is not horizontal. ?
    4. Long-term running belt lengthens. ?
    (3) countermeasures:   < br /> 1. Choose the appropriate belt length and the same length (specification/brand). ?
    2. It is necessary to adjust or replace the tension spring. ?
    3. Adjust the level of belt guide wheel. ?
    4. After long-term operation, the belt will be cut short and reconnected-nbsp;   < br />.