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    Slipping of Conveyor Belt and Solutions
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:07:38   Author:雙虎   Clicks:722

    1. The initial tension is too small. The tension of the conveyor belt away from the drum is not enough, which causes the conveyor belt to slip. This situation usually occurs when starting, the solution is to adjust the tension device and increase the initial tension. ?
    2. Insufficient friction between driving drum and conveyor belt causes slippage. Most of the reasons are that there is water on the conveyor belt or the environment is wet. The solution is to add some rosin powder to the drum. But we should pay attention not to add it by hand, but to use blast equipment to blow in. ?
    3. Damage of rear drum bearings or upper and lower roller bearings. The cause of the damage is that the tail of the machine is too floating and sinking, and the damaged or inflexible parts are not repaired and replaced in time, resulting in increased resistance and slippage. ?
    4. Start-up speed is too fast to form slippage. It can start slowly at this time. ?
    5. The load of the conveyor belt is too large, and it will slip if it exceeds the capacity of the motor. At this time, the advantage of slipping is to protect the motor. Otherwise, the motor will be burnt down after a long time. But for operation, it is a slip accident. ?
    To overcome the phenomenon of conveyor belt skidding, first of all, we must find out the causes of skidding, and then we can take effective measures to solve it.