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    Solution of Rubber Material Problem in Rubber Processing Technology
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:09:24   Author:雙虎   Clicks:882

        In the process of rubber processing, some quality problems often occur, which hinders the smooth operation of production. Due to the high cost of labor services, the losses during the period of suspension and waiting for materials are considerable. If we take appropriate measures to solve most of the problems of the same type, we can solve these problems. Following is the experience of the author to introduce solutions.

     hereinafter mainly introduces the treatment methods of quality problems such as uneven dispersion of sulphur, frost spraying, scorching and so on.

    1-nbsp; sulphur is not uniformly dispersed, with pitting (agglutinate) phenomenon < br />.  this is an old and new problem, which our predecessors should have solved, and now the old thing is mentioned again.

     putting sulphur into storage on cement board is not a good way from the point of view of moisture proof. It must be placed on mat or cushion board. Screening before measuring is an effective way to prevent caking. At this time, it is not necessary to use too fine sieve, 40 mesh or 20 mesh can be used, as long as the caking in powder sulphur can be broken. In addition, in the case of a small amount of sulfur addition, it is better to add the sieve edge on the top of the smelter. In this case, even if the sieve size is larger, it is also possible.

     &  &  &  &  &  &  &  &  &  here is a brief introduction of what is white powder, peony bat shells, shells stacked on the outdoor cement board, let the wind say rain, placed 2-3 years later, the organic matter inside is decomposed and removed, into white only calcium ingredients, after crushing it is white powder, this powder can be used in other areas besides rubber.

     &  &  &  &  &  & nb Despite many ideas, they have not yet worked. We will cooperate with the master mixer of hard clay such as sulphur to mix, and then mix with the 40L kneader made by the company (rotating speed is about 30 rpm/m in) for about 1 hour. Using this master mixer, no sulphur particles are found. It can be said that this is a lucky successful example.

     homemade sulphur mother rubber is for the company's own use. However, once all the rubber in the company use the master rubber, its consumption will be too large, a wide range of products, requiring special processing of the master rubber mixer, which is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, in addition to the mixtures that have not yet occurred problems and allow a small amount of sulphur-yellow particles, sulphur-yellow masterbatch is only used for those that really need it. We use the mother rubber containing 100 parts of rubber and 50 parts of sulphur. Therefore, the mother rubber contains one third of sulphur, equivalent to three times the amount of sulphur added.

     Rubber for mother rubber preparation, starting with NR, but in winter, rubber hardens and is not easy to cut into small pieces. According to our experience, 50 copies of NR and 50 copies of BR were blended to solve the problem.