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    Characteristics of Several Rubber Used in Conveyor Belt
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:09:44   Author:雙虎   Clicks:864

    NBR rubber has good mechanical properties. It can resist mineral oil, hot water, ozone, A, B, C, butane, etc. - 40 - 120 to make O rings, oil-sealed bowls and so on. It can be used as static or dynamic seals in general hydraulic start-up system. ?
    EPDM epoxy ethylene propylene terpolymer has high temperature, steam resistance, weak acid resistance and no mineral oil brake oil-40-160 for high temperature gas seal up to (200 degrees) & nbsp; < br />. Fluororubber FKM is heat-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, chemical-resistant, mineral oil-resistant, extrusion-resistant and aging-resistant. It is generally used in harsh environment, such as static sealing of metallurgical industry and large construction machinery. ?
    Polyurethane TPU is an oil-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, non-toxic, high wear-resistant material. - 40-100 is used for shaft, hole GY seal ring and FS dust-proof seal in cylinder. ?
    Polyformaldehyde POM has good oil resistance, wear resistance, high compressive strength, good impact resistance, good self-lubrication and dimensional stability. -30-140 to make guide slip rings, retaining rings, supporting rings, etc. & nbsp; < br /> PTEF has good chemical stability, resistance to high, low temperature and various media, low friction coefficient and self-lubrication. The sealing materials commonly used in 260~260 machines are used to make wear-resistant rings, guide rings, metallurgical, solid, construction machinery and so on. ?
    Nylon MC has nylon 1010 and nylon 66 oil-containing casting nylon with good chemical and mechanical properties, which can replace some metal mechanical products. - 10-200 is used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, steel industry. ?
    MVQ silicone rubber has heat resistance, cold resistance, compression permanence, small deformation, but low mechanical strength. - 60 ~ 230 is suitable for high, low temperature, low speed rotation and sealing of various food machinery. ?
    Polyphenylene sulfide PPS is a kind of high performance engineering plastics. It has high strength and good insulation - 40 ~ 260. It is used in petroleum, oil well survey and high insulation parts of power electronics.