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    Steel cord conveyor belt
    Addtime:2019-1-16 10:04:42   Author:雙虎   Clicks:873

    Characteristics of steel cord conveyor belt: high tensile strength, good impact resistance, long service life, small elongation, good grooving, good flexibility, suitable for long distance, long haul, high speed conveying materials. The product is composed of core glue, wire rope, covering layer and side glue.
    Steel cord conveyor belt uses: widely used in coal, mining, port metallurgical power, chemical industry and other fields to transport materials.
    Varieties: According to the performance of the covering glue, it can be divided into: common type, flame retardant type, heat-resistant type, wear-resistant type, cold-resistant type, acid-alkali type, oil-resistant type and other varieties.
     technical requirements for steel cord conveyor belts: < br />  general implementation of GB/T9770-2001 standards, cold-resistant implementation of Q/FXS05-2002 standards, ozone-resistant implementation of Q/FXS06-2002 standards, flame-retardant implementation of G2539-93 standards, acid-alkali-resistant implementation of Q/FXS02-2002, heat-resistant implementation of Q/FXS08-2001, tear-resistant implementation of HG/T3646-1999 standards, flame-retardant implementation of MT668-1997 standards.
     product structure of steel cord conveyor belt: < br /> Steel cord conveyor belt is a kind of galvanized steel wire rope with fixed longitudinal spacing and equal tension arrangement as the framework material, which is formed and vulcanized by core rubber and covering rubber with different properties. According to the structure, there are common type and anti-tear type with transverse reinforcement layer; according to the use, besides the ordinary type, there are general flame retardant, cold-resistant, ozone-resistant, heat-resistant and other types. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, very low elongation, good grooving, flexibility resistance and impact resistance. It is suitable for material transportation of high strength, long distance and heavy load. It is also suitable for material transportation of high strength, high speed and short distance. It is widely used in heavy industry such as metallurgy, coal mine, port and so on.
    Technical parameters: high strength and low elongation galvanized steel wire rope,  upper and lower flame retardant, anti-static covering glue,  its structure is the same as common purpose steel wire rope core conveyor belt.  < br /> Purpose:
    It is suitable for fireproof and explosion-proof areas with strict fire alarm requirements for spontaneous combustion or flammability, long-distance, large-span, large-volume and high-speed material transportation.
    Specification and model:
    Strength specification: 630N/mm~4000N/mm < br/> Width specification: 800 mm to 2000 mm < br />.