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      Shuanghu Production Base, Daxin Town,
      Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China

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    Material Transportation Project Contracting

    Shuanghu Company has been striving to become the best material delivery service expert in China. It always regards excellent quality and customer achievement as its marketing concept. Since its inception, it has been focusing on material delivery services, step by step, decades of accumulation and learning, and has achieved the current Shuanghu brand.
    Adhering to the spirit of industry, to create a Chinese brand. Shuanghu Company has developed from supporting transportation to the ability to undertake the overall transportation project. We provide comprehensive technical support and services for the construction of material transportation project, the transformation of the original production line, overhaul, daily maintenance, etc. Influencing the service concept of the industry with its own concept, through standardized, differentiated, value-added services to reduce customer use costs, management costs, and ultimately improve customer profitability and purchase value.
    Craftsmen are ingenious and sincere. Shuanghu Engineering Department is the Department with the strongest basic ability and mobility. It is composed of project manager, engineer, quality control, installation and maintenance, etc. It focuses on the system service of transportation engineering and provides security service without worries for large-scale engineering customers. Honesty and keeping promise are the basic qualities of every double tiger.
    Shuanghu Company will pay more attention to the market demand and development with a keener eye, optimize the service purpose in time, so as to become the service leader of the transportation industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the company for inspection and guidance.